The three monkeys of Judgement Dave

The Alleged Comedy of Judgement Dave

Hi! Welcome to my home on the web.

No it's okay - you can keep your shoes on. Sorry about the mess - I've been meaning to tidy up: polish up the images, rearrange the menu, tidy away the dirty dishes.

What's that? The toilet? Just up the stairs and 1st door... oh the blog? I thought you said 'bog'... No blog yet, I'm afraid - but I'm on the case. Hopefully I'l get one sorted soon...

But have a look around - there is some info and links to films I've made and characters I've been performing live at stand-up comedy clubs since November 2010. Hopefully you'll see something you like.

Oh yes - I'm glad you asked, I would have forgotten. Yes I do sometimes perform as Judgement Dave (who isn't a character - just me)

What else do you do?

I've written a book that should be available now (or in the next few days) for Kindle from Amazon.

Book COver of You Decide! THe future of Scotland

What they say about Judgement Dave

"You'll find him funny instantly, funny throughout and you'll still be laughing long afterwords. Gunther is a memorable character act." - Russell Bland, Frozen Smile Comedy, on 'Gunther'

"glorious Paul Foot-esque alternative comedy" - gigglebeats, reviewing me as 'Gunther'

"Comedy Gold" - Alun Cochrane*

"I f***ing loved that. I don't think I've ever been so happy. That was f***ing brilliant." - Chris Tavner, MCing Comedy Balloon, on 'Mr Dolphin'

"fukken shoite" - Kerry, My biggest fan from Northern Ireland

"Was that comedy - I wasn't sure" - Audience Member after my 1st open-mic

Judgement Dave - not seeing the light

Find out more about Judgement Dave at Judgement Dave's facebook page and his YouTube Channel.


* Genuine quote - though admittedly I was in the audience and it was more a comment about the juxtaposition of my mohawk with a dinner jacket...